About Imam

From: Hasan Masoud Khalil
Address: 1407 Trevino Dr. Arlington, Texas 76014
Phone: (817) 466-1005
Work: (972) 812-2220
Cell: (817) 247-3605
Email: imamhasankhalil@gmail.com

Enclosed is a brief description of my educational background, current and past experiences including some related personal information:

Islamic Educations and credentials:
2008-2009 Master degree in Shari’a with honor 92.36 % at the American Open University (AOU).
1997-2001 Bachelor degree in Shari’a at the 91.74% American Open University (AOU).
2012-Current ISI Islam/Quran chair, ISI Imam, and ISI religious counselor.
July- 2009 Extensive Summer seminar In Aqeeda, Fiqh, Hadeeth, and Arabic at Ibn Taymiyyah Masjid in Riyadh (SA).
1990-1994 Memorized the holy Quran (hafs mode) with an IJAZAH.
1995-1997 Memorized the holy Quran (warsh mode) with verbal IJAZAH.
1998-2000 Quran and Islamic studies teacher at “Dar ul Arqam” Islamic School.
1999-2003 My own weekend and full time Quran School at my home 3403 Archway dr Arlington, TX 76016.
1994-2000 associate Imam and Shura council at ISAT center Masjid.
2000-2004 Volunteering Part-time Imam and Taraweeh at DFW Islamic Educational Center (south Masjid) in Arlington.
1999-2004 Imam, Khatib and a Fundraiser for the Islamic School of Irving (ISI).
1999-2005 Teacher and Director for Quran and Islamic studies at the Islamic School of Irving (ISI).
Mar-2005 A planner and Director for regional Islamic schools Quran competitions (ISI, BHA, IANT, IQA).
2005-2006 Part-time Islamic studies Teachers for High School students at (ISI).
2004-2009 A lead judge for the ICNA Young Muslim (YmQuiz) Quran competitions.
July- 2007 An instructor at the Maghrib institute ‘Ilm Summit in Houston, Texas.
2007- Now A permanent member in the Tarrant county United Imam Council (UIC.
2007- Now A religious advisor for the Ameen People Montessori.
2005- 2012 Imam at ISAT Center Masjid.
2000- 2012 Lead and still leading Taraweeh every year.
2005- Now Fund raiser at Center Masjid (ISAT).
2007- 2009 High School Islamic studies Teacher at Vanguard International Academy (VIA).
2007- Now An instructor at Mishkat university (formerly Shari’ah Academy) on line and on location.
2005- 2012 Youth director, speaker and function organizer at center Masjid (ISAT.
2006- 2012 established the legendary “Islam for Teens” class at Center Masjid (ISAT).
2007- Now A regular speaker and the website Imam of the famous http://www.sunnahfollowers.net.
2005- Now A speaker at UTA, TCC college, and Sam Houston High, Pantego Christian academy, Creswell Baptist college and other high schools and colleges Muslims and non-Muslims…
2011 Named as the most influential imam on the reverts at ICI Masjid survey.
2005- Now a speaker at Radio talk shows, open houses, Churches, Fundraisers, community functions, conferences like TDC and the Mali/Indo, and Da’waah programs in the US /Canada/ and Australia.

Secular Education and credentials:
1980-1982 66 hrs pre- engineering at San Jacinto College
1983-1987 30 hrs mechanical engineering at UTA
1986-1987 6 hrs business administration at TCJC College
2010-now A member of clergy and police partnership (CAPP)…6 weeks seminar and weekly meetings.

In Addition I am:
In Addition I am:
• A very effective and experienced Da3iyah for Muslim and non-Muslims.
• Eloquent speaker in the languages: Arabic/English and advanced in Spanish.
• Diverse exceptional speaker to all age categories (KG-college).
• Unique teaching styles “attention grabber”.
• A talk show host, in particular for Youth group.
• Experienced Hajj assimilation director and speaker for several years.
• Promotional speaker for all events.

Reflecting on the many comments of many people of different gender, age, even religions, especially the new reverts to Islam, that I make great influence and impact on people, I say:
“All credit and thanks are due to Allah subhanahu for what he has granted me, and I work even harder to improve”. Here is a list of qualifications which I believe helped me accomplish that impact:

1. I am a perfectionist…The good job part.
2. I am a time freak…The punctuality part
3. I lived in the USA for over 30 years… The language part.
4. I attended secular colleges and schools here for almost 4 years … I can relate part.
5. I interacted with people as an entrepreneur for 15 years … I know where you come from part.
6. I have some knowledge and experience about almost all topics real life part.
7. I worked for sales for many years…The convincing part!
8. I taught all levels of people from kg-college… The simple attention grabber part.
9. I love seeking knowledge… The continuous improving knowledge part.
10. I have a decent knowledge of other faiths…Relate to people faith part.
11. I have to be myself 100% convinced of what I teach and know…The make sense part.
12. I love what I do…the love and concern part.
13. I do my best to be sincere… The patience part.
14. And finally: I have a sense of humor…the attractive, ice breaker, get along part.

2 comments on “About Imam

  1. Salaam Sheik Hasan, can we download the lectures that you give so we can listen to them in the car or on my cd player? Jazak Allah Khair.

  2. Dear Shaykh Hasan: Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh: I would like to ask you if we should stick to a particular madhhab. ( I am a layman…not that informed in the religion although i listen to lectures on the computer, i have various imams saying different things) Jazak Allah khair

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